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    Paleo start 5/17

    Paleo start 5/17

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    Me working out at our box’s Holiday Hammer! I was only 1 of 2 people to do both the individual and team workouts! Man was I sore the next day!

    WOD #1 - AMRAP 7 min

    10 deadlifts 135#, 10 push press #25 dumbbells, 10 otb burpees (I got 2 rounds and 2 dead lifts but I did as perscribed!)

    TEAM WOD - 7 min AMRAP KB swings while one person holds 25 lb db’s over their head. DB’s must be overhead for swings to count. You can switch. We got 144!!!!

    Row 2000 m

    Run 3 laps with 25 lb sand bags

    WOD 2 - 3 min max GTO. I got more then i ever have at 90 lbs but I’m sure I could have gotten more if I wasn’t so tired!

    WOD 3 - 3 min max pullups. I got 16! Kipping! No band! 9 months ago i was on the purple band!

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    Crossfit last Friday!

    Friday night WOD:

    Row 1000m


    Pullups and hand release pushups (I kipped everyone! my kips need improvement but they were practically there. Coach wants me to work on just dead hangs on days we don’t do pullups.)

    400m run with 25lb plate

    22 minutes and some seconds.

    Holiday Hammer Competition coming up on Saturday!!! I’m the only person doing the team AND individual wod’s! Crazy! I guess!

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    Crossfit last night and my new fave protein bars

    WOD - 4RFT

    250 Row

    15 wall balls

    i was the only girl in the class! I finished last of course but faster then some of the girls in the other class. I was dying though. Half of us were crawling up the stairs to go to the rowers HAHAH. We also did front squat work. My max may be 95.

    My coach is a big fan of About Time Protein bars and shakes. I love them too now! The protein powder comes in flavors like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, birthday cake, and peanut butter. I’m a fan of the chocolate peanut butter after every workout! Strawberry is good too. I heard they also have a chocolate mint!

    The bars are great! I eat half at one time since they have a lot of calories but they are all natural and yummy. If you see any around, pick one up!

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    Crossfit last night!

    WOD: Tabata

    KB Swings (80)

    Sit ups (80)

    Squat Cleans (17)

    Burpees (45)

    400m run (1:29)

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    Crossfit last night….


    400 m run

    5 burpee rope climbs

    20 DL (95 lbs)

    30 DB push press

    40 SDHP with kb

    400m run

    Plus max plank. UGH. I only did 2:10! some people were doing over 4 minutes!!! NEXT GOAL!!!

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    Taking suggestions for cool crossfit shirts….

    I want to buy some kick butt crossfit shirts from different gyms around the country. If your gym sells a good one, send me the link!

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    Crossfit win!

    Forgot to mention that last week, I was able to do one dead hang pullup NO BAND!!!

    We were working on our max rep dead hang pullup and I was working with a red band and got 4 in a row. My friend jess suggested I try a dead hang considering I could do 4  with red. And whaddya know! I did it! In front of like 10 people so there were witnesses!

    here’s a summary of my crossfit wods last week:

    Monday: 400 m walking lunges

    Tuesday: 10 min AMRAP burpees, mountain climbers, HR pushups. We did other stuff but I can’t remember

    Wednesday: Josh? Pullups were involved

    Thursday: 400m sprint and rest (5 rounds). 3 min amrap of max push presses and max ring dips.

    This Saturday paleo went out the window too. I had a migraine and after my extra strength meds I felt so weak. So I opted for spaghetti with marinara and mushrooms and two pieces of pizza. HEAVEN!!!

    Back to Paleo today. 8 weeks to St. Thomas!

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